October 11, 2018

Waste Collection

Leading waste collection Service at Your Disposal
Had a declutter and need your junk removing? Done up the house but not got rid of the mess? Don’t worry. One quick call to us and we’ll soon have your waste collected, giving you back your space and letting you get your property back to normal. Our experienced team of waste collection experts will organise a waste collection service designed around your needs. We aim to be convenient and discrete and will carry out our work in a professional, friendly manner leaving your property completely free of junk. What’s more, to ensure you get great value for money, we’ll do all this at an affordable price. So, call our friendly Customer Care Team to book your expert waste collection.

waste collection

If you are a resident of Johannesburg and looking for waste collection, then you can rely on our waste collection services. We have been engaged in the job of waste collection Johannesburg for years now and are experienced in all types of waste collection Johannesburg.

Same day waste collection

With the increase in amount of garbage and pollution owing to that the waste collection rules and procedures have become stricter. We are up to date in terms of rules and regulations and are licensed by the civic authorities for collecting waste generated from commercial as well as household activities.

Commercial waste collection

We have been doing commercial waste collection in Johannesburg. So far, we have had a lot of commercial waste collected throughout Johannesburg. There is a lot of variety in commercial waste. There is compostable, recyclable, reusable, toxic and hazardous material in commercial and industrial rubbish.

Waste from offices and retail counters mostly consist of papers and cardboard which is mostly recyclable, and we collect and dispose them accordingly. Some rubbish from restaurants and hotels consist of tons of waste food which can be formed into compost for use in agriculture.

Other industrial and commercial waste such as spent battery, chemicals, acids, and other hazardous rubbish call for careful handling, carriage and disposal. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff who can collect, carry and dispose any commercial waste efficiently.

Household waste collection

Gradual spread of the city of Johannesburg coupled with the changing lifestyles of its inhabitants has resulted in generation of massive amount of household waste throughout the city. There are a variety of rubbish in it. There are biodegradable, recyclable, toxic and other types of rubbish in it. We can collect rubbish from any household if there is waste for collection.

You can opt for skip hire or our man with a lorry mode of collecting waste. If you go for skip hire you will have to do a lot of diligence. You must collect permit for placing the skip by the roadside, collect all the waste and load that on the skip yourself. Moreover, your stingy neighbour may often use your skip for disposing of his or her own domestic garbage and save money on waste collection. This will increase your total load of waste without your knowledge, but you have to pay for it.

On the other hand, if you go for our man with a lorry mode to collect waste from your household including your garden and garage your responsibility ends with aggregating the waste. We will collect all the waste of whatever kind they are, segregate them into different categories, dump them in different dumpsters, and carry them to proper disposal sites.

Electronic and electrical toxic material

Electronic and electrical waste such as defunct computer, monitor, scanner, refrigerator, television etc constitute an appreciable chunk of domestic and industrial waste. What is unique about these is that these are toxic for the environment and should never end in landfills. There are guidelines for removal of such items in the form of WEEE, and we keep that in mind while collecting waste.

Services we offer:

  • Residential
  • Commercial

A clean environment is essential for keeping you and your family in sound health. Whether it is your office or home you should have a clean environment. A clean environment at work will motivate you to perform better, and a clean home environment will help maintain your relationships better.

So, who are you going to entrust with the task of clearance your office or home? Anybody can do the job, but experienced services offered by domestic waste collection services like ours are preferred by most people. These people have a thorough knowledge of office and different household items, and they can take care of these items as well as the atmosphere inside while doing the collection. We provide all kinds of commercial waste collection services including office clearance.

Types of commercial waste collection services

Commercial waste collection is a broad idea and it includes clearance of shops, offices, centres of entertainment such as birthday or other party venue, restaurants, hotels, data centres, showrooms, offices, warehouses, schools, medical facilities, airports, government facilities etc.

Types of domestic waste collection services

You can have a whole house clearance or carpet clearance either regularly, during spring time or during moving out of home or moving in to a new home.

Other waste collection services

Domestic or commercial waste collection includes innumerable services that include upholstery clearance, toilet clearance, furniture clearance, window clearance, kitchen clearance etc apart from washing and ironing up cloths. Outsourcing the whole task to a clearance service provider in a regular measure will help you keep your house and office spotless clean and will be cost effective too.

Cost of hire commercial or domestic clearance services

Domestic or commercial waste collection services can be costly if you are opting for such services on a one-off basis. However, if you are entering into long terms contracts with them then you can avail big discounts and save big on waste collection. So, it is always better to get into contract for weekly or monthly domestic or commercial waste collection.