October 11, 2018

Recycling Companies

Independent recycling companies with a proven record of working with businesses and councils to achieve a genuine 100% landfill diversion. With an in-house collection fleet working nationwide offer an innovative approach to waste management recycling.

Recycling companies must invest in the latest infrastructure and specialise in sustainable resource extraction, processing, treatment and recycling. Recycling Companies are dedicated to helping customers to reduce their environmental impact by continued research and development in new and advanced technologies.

The definition of recycling is to pass a substance through a system that enables that substance to be reused. Waste recycling involves the collection of waste materials and the separation and clean-up of those materials. Recycling waste means that fewer new products and consumables need to be produced, saving raw materials and reducing energy consumption.

Recycling Companies have the passion of offering world-class recycling services to their customers.

Recycling & Destruction

Recycling Companies focus on maximising their recycling infrastructure, meaning they on-goingly contribute to the reduction of waste that are going to landfill. The recycled materials exert great environmental benefit by reducing energy consumption in the manufacturing of aluminium, plastic and cardboard, just to name a few. Also, through recycling, Recycling companies can greatly reduce the use of precious virgin materials.

Recycling companies Secure date destruction service is mainly in the following categories:

  • Plastic
  • E-waste
  • Paper
  • Cardboard / Paper
  • CD / DVD
  • Credit Card
  • Badges
  • Recyclable product

Recycling companies recycling initiative is mainly focused in the following four main categories:

  • Metal/Steel Scrap
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Product Recycle

Recycling Companies

Recycling Companies are specialists in recycling plastic, metals and cardboard. Recycling Companies collect many kinds of products made of plastic, for example, film, computer cases, piping, factory off-cuts, old advertising signage, broken headlights, bumper bars and car dashboards just to name a few. Recycling Companies also recycle cardboard and various types of paper.

Recycling Companies main goal is to build strong partnerships with their clients and to improve on their business through honest feedback.

Operation Process

Recycling Companies operate under a simple and straight forward process.

Below is a quick summary of the steps taken in Recycling Companies recycling process:

  1. Collect from your site

We will collect directly from your site

Recycling Companies collects recyclable materials from your site using a transportation network of their own vehicles.

The entire logistics operation is managed Recycling Companies in all aspects including, planning, scheduling, pickups and transportation.

  1. Process at our factory

After collecting from your site, recycling companies will process it at their factory

After they have collected the materials from your site, they will be transported to their own factory for further processing.

  1. Inspection

We inspect all our containers to ensure safety and compliance

Each container will be issued a certification upon passing the inspection process.

  1. Export for a good cause

Shipments are made to Recycling Companies factory for further processing

Certified containers will be shipped to their factory for further processing.

  1. Recycle and Palletise

Recycling and palletising help the environment

Once the containers of wastes arrive at their factory, they will be sorted, cleaned and palletised.

Palletised plastic will be passed onto Plastic Manufacturers to produce everyday products such as electronic plastic casing, toys parts, signage, plastic household furniture and appliances etc.

Save money and reduce your costs

Recycling companies are true recyclers and for many years they have been making it easy to recover recyclable materials to preserve our earth’s precious resources. It’s recycling companies commitment to manufacturing, using recycled materials.

Recycling Companies have invested a lot of money in developing ways to collect, sort and process recyclable materials and enable the creation of new products from what is discarded by households, schools and businesses.

Recycling companies recovers materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, steel, aluminium and glass, which otherwise would have been destined to landfill.

Visy is an industry leader in innovation and sustainability and are always looking for new ways to improve its products and services to better suit their customer’s needs.

Save money and reduce your costs by Recycling with recycling companies


You can always rely on recycling companies

Landfill Diversion. In any year, Recycling companies processes recyclables from more than 3 million households and workplaces. That are tonnes of glass recycling; tonnes of plastic recycling; tonnes of metal recycling such as aluminium and steel cans; tonnes of paper and cardboard recycling.

Closing the Loop.  It’s not just the recyclables recycling companies collect but also what it will become and how they will transform it. For instance, recycling companies recover the fibre from used packaging and recycle it into new cardboard boxes. It’s a process recycling companies repeat over and again.

Reducing Cost and Impact. Recycling companies aims to be kind to the environment every step of the way. By working with government, customers and industry groups, we can save resources.

You can always rely on recycling companies. For the most cost-effective and simple recycling solutions, please speak with recycling companies about your service needs.